About us


Green Endings by Oakwood Funerals provides families with a natural, ‘green’ way to have a funeral service by offering families a selection of meaningful, environmentally-sustainable services and products.

Having a green funeral is becoming increasingly important for the many people who live their lives in a more environmentally conscious manner. People not only want to live greener lives, they now also want to be environmentally sensitive when they leave this world too.

At Green Endings we support your environmental ethos and can help you create a more personal farewell by providing options to reduce the impact of a funeral and leave a smaller footprint behind.

We respect the wishes, life choices, and values of your loved one, their family and friends, and we can help you to create a fitting tribute that is simple and personal.

A Green Endings funeral is made ‘green’ through environmentally friendly cremation options, natural bushland burials, sustainably-produced coffins, stationery made from recycled materials, memorial tree plantings, and organic catering.

A Green Endings funeral produces fewer carbon emissions, and Green Endings works with non-profit organisation, Carbon Neutral, one of Australia’s leading carbon management consultancies, to offset these emissions.

Green Endings is an alternative way to celebrate the life of a loved one. If they lived by green values, they can leave by them too.

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