Bush Regeneration Results


The carbon credits sourced by Green Endings will be used to at the Boxwood Hill 4 Star Biodiverse Sink, located in Western Australia.

Green Endings' carbon credits will add to the ongoing restorative plantings Carbon Neutral have undertaken at the site over many years.

Carbon Neutral's 2011 Planting Report on the Boxwood Hill site is available.

Some of the highlights of the report are:

  • The Boxwood Hill site has areas of high salinity and soil erosion.
  • Once restored, the Boxwood Hill site will create a corridor for native wildlife between the high value remnant bushland in the Corackerup Nature Reserve Creek in the east and thue unallocated Crown Land bordering Corackerup Creek.  
  • Notable species of animals at Boxwood Hill include; Malleefowls, Shy Groundwrens, Western Whipbirds, Crested Bellbirds, Rosenberg‟s Monitors, Grey Spotted Dragons, Tammar Wallabys, Western Banjo Frog, Turtle Frogs, Grey-bellied Dunnarts, and Honey-possums.
  • Seeds from 55 local native species of shrubs and trees are planted on the site.