How Environmentally Friendly Is It?


Green Endings is all about minimising the environmental impact of a funeral.

This doesn't mean that a Green Endings funeral will have no environmental impact.

However, regardless of the kind of funeral service you desire, Green Endings is committed to offsetting the environmental impacts produced.

Green Endings offsets carbon emissions generated by a funeral through the purchase of carbon credits from Carbon Neutral, a not-for-profit organisation and Australia’s leading carbon management consultancy. 

All offsets are based on internationally-recognised standards and are used for reforestation in Western Australia.

Additionally, as improvements in technology are made, the range of options offered by Green Endings will also expand.

This may include such emerging trends as aquamation and resomation, or even electric powered hearses. As soon as it is available in the Perth area, we will make it available to you. This way you can be sure that what Green Endings offers you is currently the most environmentally-sustainable funeral service.