Planning for a funeral


If you have lived your life caring for the environment, and would like to leave the earth as you walked it, then a Prepaid Funeral Plan from Green Endings is the best way to make sure this happens.

Pre-arranging has many emotional and financial advantages.

Emotionally, it removes the stress from family members who have to arranging a funeral on your behalf at a time when they will be grieving and experiencing great sadness and loss. Prepaying a funeral also helps your family know that you wish to have a funeral service that leaves a smaller footprint on the earth. It also means that you can plan all the special touches you would like to make the service both ‘eco-friendly’ and personal, such as asking guests to send donations to the charity of your choice, instead of having flowers.

Financially, a natural burial is often less costly than a traditional funeral and by paying today’s price, you fix the cost and are protected from inflation. When you prepay a funeral with Green Endings, you have the time to think about the product options available, such as a biodegradable coffin or urn, or an eco-friendly guest register. You can also calmly consider your service options, such as having a tree planted in your memory, flowers from an organically sourced local florist, or donations to a charity of your choice.

We cater for all cultural and religious backgrounds and help families to celebrate the life of their loved one. We provide services of remembrance that are unique and dignified. Our staff will help you with the options and document your wishes, providing you with the peace of mind knowing you have left behind no added concerns for those you love and as small an environmental footprint as you can.

Another advantage of taking out a Prepaid Funeral Plan from Green Endings is that it won‘t affect your pension or other entitlements, and might help you obtain a pension or part pension.

Once you have organised the funeral with us, it is just a matter of keeping the details of your Prepaid Funeral Plan from Green Endings with your important papers. When the funeral service is needed, your family only needs to call Green Endings and we will look after them and carry out your instructions to the letter. If you move to another suburb or state, contact Green Endings to discuss your options for nominating a new funeral services provider to deliver your Green Endings funeral.

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