What we offer


A Green Endings funeral is a more sustainable and an affordable alternative to a traditional funeral. It is a more natural and softer way to leave a living legacy.

Choosing to have a Green Endings funeral not only significantly reduces the amount of carbon emissions produced compared to a traditional funeral, but reduces the overall environmental degradation of land, air and waterways.

Green Endings can advise you on environmentally-sustainable options to reduce this impact and will help you incorporate them into the funeral service and cremation or natural burial, whichever you prefer.

As improvements in technology are made, the range of options offered by Green Endings will also expand. This may include such emerging trends as aquamation and resomation or even electric powered hearses. As soon as it is available in the Perth area, we will make it available to you. This way you can be sure that what Green Endings offers you is currently the most environmentally-sustainable funeral service.

A Green Endings funeral places more emphasis on personalisation and family involvement. Choices include environmentally friendly coffins and urns, where in the bush land setting of a natural burial ground to scatter the ashes or for the burial to occur. Ceremonies can occur at the memorial site, and trees can be planted in honour of the loved one.

Green Endings is an alternative way to create a truly personalised service which reflects the life and legacy of your loved one – a softer, lighter, smaller footprint on the earth.