Service options


When you're organising a funeral service, one of the first decisions will be whether you are organising a burial or a cremation. This choice will directly impact the type of funeral service you will have, and will include deciding which cemetery or memorial park that will be used.

Once these decisions have been made, you can be creative and add many unique, personal touches to the ceremony if you choose. Even a religious or traditional funeral service can still have a very personal touch.

Green Endings Funerals can assist you in making arrangements to purchase a new gravesite or a memorial site, or alternatively to use an existing one at any cemetery or memorial park. We are experienced in assisting families who require an above ground burial, such as in a crypt, vault or mausoleum space. We are also experienced in assisting families who require special cremation arrangements to meet their cultural needs. 

Cremation services

In today’s carbon aware world, cremations provide a very environmentally friendly option and are totally compatible with a Green Ending.

When a cremation is performed, the presence of oxygen in the cremation chamber means that all of the carbon present, including in the coffin and all it contains, is converted to carbon dioxide. This compares very favourably to burials, where without the presence of oxygen the carbon in the coffin and all it contains converts into methane, a greenhouse gas with 25 times the environmental impact of carbon dioxide.

Green Endings offsets the total carbon dioxide produced by a cremation by planting trees and other carbon offsetting activities. Additionally, ongoing improvements in cremation technology continually improve the benefits of cremations as an environmentally sustainable option.

As soon as these breakthroughs are available in the Perth area, we will make them available to you.

Cremations also save on land use for memorials. The ashes that remain after a cremation can be scattered or placed in an environmentally friendly container.

Natural burials

Natural burial or ‘green burial’ is an alternative funeral practice that places an emphasis on environmentally sound practices, practical simplicity, and returning a loved one to nature.

A natural burial occurs when the body is returned to nature in a biodegradable coffin and materials made from natural fibres. This allows remains to return to the earth to decompose naturally, and with minimal disturbance to the natural bushland environment. In addition, there are no preparatory chemicals used and there is no placement of a headstone or memorial at the burial site.

Families wishing to place a simple memorial plaque can do so at a specially allocated area in the burial section.

Natural burials offer the community a unique and sustainable final resting place for those that are sensitive to the environment. Natural bushland burial sites are available at Fremantle Cemetery and at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park

Caring for the deceased

A Green Endings funeral does not include chemical embalming. Your loved one will be gently and professionally cared for by Oakwood Funerals' experienced, caring and sensitive staff. This is a normal part of our Green Endings service.