Who is involved


Green Endings has come about through the collaboration of many parties:

Oakwood Funerals

Oakwood Funerals is your designated provider of a Green Endings funeral. With their motto of "The Strength By Your Side", Oakwood Funerals is able to draw on the experience of long-serving, local funeral directors.

This ensures the highest levels of care, expertise and professionalism will be delivered to individuals and families at a critical time. 

More information about Oakwood Funerals is available on their official website.

Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board operates Fremantle Cemetery, which has a designated natural burial grounds, ensuring that the full range of environmental benefits of a Green Ending will be protected and preserved for the future. 

More information about the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board is available.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral is a not-for-profit carbon consultancy and offset provider.

Carbon Neutral have been integral in determining the impacts of a funeral and are also the organisation through which Green Endings secures the carbon offsets for the funerals we conduct. 

More information about Carbon Neutral is available.